About Andy Epstein


Andy Epstein started his career as a freelance designer and illustrator. Later, jumping into the world of in-house, Andy created and grew in-house design teams for Commonwealth Toy and Gund, led a 100+ person multidisciplinary creative team at Bristol-Myers-Squibb and consulted at J&J. Following an engagement at Designer Greetings leading their product development team, Andy has moved back into pharma heading up a managed services engagement of 85+ team members at Merck for The BOSS Group.

Andy has written and spoken extensively on in-house issues and published “The Corporate Creative”. He is a co-founder of InSource and for 5 years served as program director for the InHOWse Managers Conference. Most recently he was head of INitiative, the AIGA program dedicated to in-house outreach and support. Andy now partners with Cella Consulting where he has expanded on his efforts to empower in-house teams and raise their stature in the design and business communities.

Andy is available for speaking engagements, coaching partnerships and workshops designed to support, educate and inspire in-house leaders and teams. Topics and areas of support include: communication and collaboration skills, operational best practices, internal business plan development, strategic positioning, client relationship management and professional development and team-building strategies. He can be reached at thecorpcreative@verizon.net or you can fill out the contact form below.

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